The International Military Sports Council / Conseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM) was founded on February 18, 1948 in France (Nice). The organizers and first members of CISM were: Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

The aim of CISM is to promote world peace by establishing close and regular contact between the armed forces of different countries in sports and physical education.

The motto of CISM is “Friendship through sport”.

CISM carries out its activity in two directions: holding sports competitions and distributing technical and scientific knowledge in the field of sports.

The growth of the number of member countries can serve as evidence of the active development of CISM: 1948, 5 countries; 1956, 21 countries; 1978, 72 countries; 1993, 105 countries; 1998, 116 countries; 2002, 122 countries; 2007, 127 countries; 2016, 135 countries.

The increase in the number of member countries has led to the establishment of CISM regional offices in America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Regional offices coordinate CISM activities by region.

CISM has created its own Academy, which is engaged in studying issues of scientific and technical approaches to developing sports in CISM.

There are regular technical committees on the main types of sports dealing with issues of developing, organizing, and holding competitions in the disciplines.

CISM is constantly working with different partner organizations and sponsors promoting sports.

Presently, CISM is the largest sports organization in the world after the International Olympic Committee and the International University Sports Federation. The outstanding feature of CISM is that it unites only military athletes.

The supreme legislative body of CISM is the General Assembly, in which all member countries of CISM are presented. It is convoked once a year. The General Assembly elects the Executive Committee, which is an executive body of CISM and is headed by the President. The administrative and executive body of CISM is the Permanent Secretariat.

As of 2017:

  • The headquarters are located in Brussels (Belgium).
  • The President of CISM is Colonel Abdulhakeem Al Shino.
  • The Secretary-General of CISM is Colonel Dorah Mamby Koita.
  • CISM includes 135 countries: 45, from Africa; 18, from America; 30, from Asia; 42, from Europe.

CISM is the organizer of many continental and regional championships; over 20 world championships are held annually, and every four years the Winter World Games among military personnel and summer World Games among military personnel are held.

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