Arrival and departure

Arriving by plane:

Participants arriving in Sochi by internal flights are invited to receive luggage in the baggage claim area and proceed through the Clean zone on to the exit, where they will be met by Organizing Committee representatives.

Participants arriving in Sochi by international airlines are invited to pass to the customs and proceed to the baggage claim area. Upon receiving the baggage, participants are kindly required to proceed to the Games Information Desk.

Then participants are welcome to contact the Games Information Desk. Sport delegates are to be registered and receive an accreditation badge at the information desk. Other customer groups are welcome to contact the information desk for information on transfer to places of accommodation, regulations, check-in and accreditation badge desks.

After the registration the host country representatives will kindly take the delegations to the buses that will drive them to the places of their accommodation.

The arsenal and ammunition arriving with international and internal flights can be collected at Sochi airport.

Internal flights: The airport service company under the supervision of Aviation Safety Airport Service designated officials will upload arsenal and ammunition from the aircraft and deliver them to the designated room in the airport baggage claim area.

The arsenal and ammunition will be handed out personally to the sport team appointee who holds responsibility for the arsenal and ammunition in the presence of Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) and the Federal Autonomous Organisation Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation CSKA representatives.

International flights: The arsenal and ammunition are delivered to the customs clearance zone where the procedure of customs clearance will be held in the presence of the team and RBU representatives. The arsenal and ammunition will be handed out personally to the sport team appointee who holds responsibility for the arsenal and ammunition in the presence of Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) and the Federal Autonomous Organisation Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation CSKA representatives.

In case of emergency situations (baggage non-arrival, its damage, inaccuracies in the authorization documents) the situation will be handled taking into account the individual circumstances and requirements of the legislation the Russian Federation.

The arsenal and ammunition are then loaded by the team members and volunteers into a vehicle to be transported to the venue.


The transfer from places of accommodation to the airport will be organised for all Games participants. The transfer will be scheduled in accordance with teams’ departure times.

For a more detailed information please contact the information desks in the accommodation areas.

Registration of arsenal and ammunition for transportation via international and internal flights from Sochi airport

Arsenal and ammunition are to be delivered to the airport at least 4 hours before the flight time scheduled.

Arsenal and ammunition are delivered to the designated room of the airport baggage claim area and are further handed to the sport team and Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) representatives. Arsenal and ammunition delivery can be performed more than 4 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure provided the carrier service company in the airport ensures its safety and security.

After check-in procedures for an internal flight and baggage registration, the RBU representative will accompany the sport team representative to the pre-flight security check zone. In the pre-flight security check zone, a representative of the Aviation Safety Service (ASS) checks the arsenal and ammunition and processes documents for its transportation in the cargo compartment. A copy of the arsenal and ammunition admission document is given to the sport team representative for receiving the arsenal in the destination airport.

The sport teams of the Customs Union member states, leaving for the Customs Union territory, should go through the entry requirements procedure with their national clearance documents.


In case of emergency situations (baggage loss, any conflict situation, etc.) please contact the official representative of the host party or CallCenterSochi 2017 via +7 800 302 07 70 (free call) or +7 862 444 00 15. 

Additional Information


For entry into the Russian Federation foreign citizens need a visa. If there is a bilateral agreement between Russia and a foreign country, citizens of this country can enter the Russian Federation visa-free.

To obtain a Russian visa a foreign citizen must apply to

the Russian consulate according to the permanent place of residence.

Passport control

When crossing the border of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens must show a passport with a valid Russian visa (if required), and a completed migration card. The migration card is handed out by crew members of aircraft and ships, members of train crews.

Passports and migration cards must be shown at check-in.  On the basis of these documents a hotel administrator fills in the “Notification of the arrival of a foreign citizen” form. 

Duty-free import of goods and money in Russia

You can bring personal items worth up to 1,500 euro (for ground transportation) and up to 10,000 euro for the air transport customs duty-free by the Customs of the Russian Federation, and their total weight shall not exceed 50 kg per person.

Rates of alcohol and tobacco products importation into Russia are strictly regulated.

Importation of medicines, which contain potent or toxic substances, is permitted only with documents or certified copies confirming their medical appointment for a specific person. Among these drugs are androstanolone, clozapine, tramadol and chloroform.

Cash over $3,000 US (or in any other currency in US dollar terms), securities, traveler’s checks over $10,000 need to be added to the customs declaration.

Terms of export of goods and money from Russia

You can export from Russia without paying customs duties and registration of the declaration: cash in the amount of up to $3,000 US (or other currency equivalent to this amount). Amounts of up to $10,000 are necessary to declare, the export of more cash is possible with the permission of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation; traveler’s checks in the amount of up to $10,000 US; up to 5 kg of fish or seafood, and up to 250 grams of sturgeon caviar. Export of alcohol from the Russian Federation is not limited, but it is worth remembering that its import to other countries is usually strictly regulated.

Transportation of the Ski Equipment

According to the rules of the airlines, a ski bag with 1 pair of skis and 1 pair of poles + 1 piece of baggage with 1 pair of shoes can be transported free of charge. Extra baggage is paid separately: so, according to the tariffs of “Aeroflot”, the 2nd piece of luggage during transportation within Russia will cost 40 euro, while during international transportation – 50 euro. The 3rd and subsequent pieces of luggage will cost respectively 119 and 150 euro. For more information, check with your carrier.

Transportation of weapons and ammunition

Weapons and ammunition are not regarded as a separate piece of luggage, provided that in summation with any other luggage, the weight does not exceed the established norm (up to 23 kg in economy class). It means that consisting of one piece of luggage with one piece of weapon (or one container, specifically designed for the transportation of weapons with several pieces of weapon belonging to one passenger) and one piece of luggage with cartridges. Otherwise, weapons and ammunition are regarded as one piece of luggage, which is part of the free luggage allowance.

Additional payment is required in case of excess weight regarded as one luggage place with weapons and ammunition in excess of the norms of one piece of luggage, and if the amount of passenger luggage (including luggage regarded as one place with weapons and ammunition) exceeds the specified in the ticket rate.

Terms of the package of weapons and ammunition, the deadline of transportation is required to be previously agreed with the airline-carrier.

IMPORTANT! Goods and products falling under the sanctions list are prohibited for the import to the territory of the Russian Federation.