The 3rd Winter Military World Games 2017 include a wide-ranging entertainment program for participants and guests at Rosa Square of Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort (Medalnaya Square). The venue will be launched on February 22nd from 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm and will run daily from 10:00 am to 10:30 pm for all viewers from 23rd to 27th February. The venue will host performances of music bands, dancing groups, folk music groups and well-known DJs.

The 3rd Winter Military Games 2017 will host a series of official receptions for the delegations. Participants are admitted to such events by the invitation only.

Baikal Restaurant

The 3rd Winter Military World Games 2017 Opening Reception by the Organization Committee

Address: Sochi, Olympic Park, Olympiysky pr. 2A

Golden Room, Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Centre

Reception party hosted by the International Military Sports Council or Conseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM)

Address: Sochi, Golubaya str. 1A

Premiere Hall, Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Centre

The 3rd Winter Military World Games 2017 Closing Reception by the Organization Committee

Address: Sochi, Golubaya str. 1A

Visitors and participants of the 3rd Winter Military World Games 2017 are invited to visit various places of interest in Greater Sochi.

City’s landmarks

Sochi Art Museum

Address: Sochi, Kurortny pr., 51

Sochi Art Museum was founded in 1930s and its building was designed by an outstanding Soviet architect Ivan Zholtovksy in 1936. The collection boasts 6,000 exhibits of antique, Russian (including Old Russian icons), Soviet and foreign art. The core element of the collection is Russian Realist-style paintings of late 19th and early 20th centuries, including such famous artists as Aivazovsky, Shishkin, Polenov and Serov.

Archangel Michael Monument

Address: Sochi, at the intersection of Kurortny prospects and Gorky street

Archangel Michael Monument is a monumental column featuring the Archangel Michael, the city’s patron saint. The monument was opened in 2006.

Riviera Park

Address: Sochi, Yegorova str., 1

Riviera Park is a resort and entertainment park located in the city’s Central District. The park features multiple amusement devices, an athletic town, exhibition hall, movie theater, aquarium, dolphinarium, nightclub and the Green Theater. The park’s landmark is the Friendship Meadow, which grows magnolias planted by well-known policymakers, academics and celebrities.

Archangel Michael’s Cathedral

Address: Sochi, Moskvina str., 12

Archangel Michael’s Cathedral is Sochi main Orthodox cathedral, the first Orthodox Church put up in the Black Sea Region of Russia. It was built in 1874–1890 to commemorate the end of the Caucasian War in 1864.

The Sochi Arboretum

Address: Sochi, Kurortny pr. 74

The Sochi Arboretum is a garden art landmark featuring a unique collection of subtropical flora and fauna. With 49 hectares, the Arboretum grows more than 1,800 exotic and rare plants brought from various parts of the world. Along with its flora collection, the Arboretum boasts rare animals and birds and its ropeway opening magnificent mountain and sea views at the highest Arboretum’s point.

Stalin’s Summer House Museum

Address: Sochi, Kurortny pr., 120

Stalin’s Summer House Museum is a summer residence where Joseph Stalin used to rest, work and meet with leaders of other countries, such as Mao Zedong. The house was built in 1935–1937 upon the project of Miron Merzhanov, Stalin’s personal architect. It is located at 160 meters above the sea level. The place has a unique climate, where warm sea air and cold mountain air meet.

Harbor Station

Address: Sochi, Voykova str., 2

Harbor Station (Voykova str., 2) is a terminal of Sochi Sea Port. The building, designed by well-known Soviet architects Karo Alabyan and Leonid Karlik in 1955, is a federal heritage building. It is topped with a steeple of stainless polished steel. Three steeple levels house sculptures that represent the four seasons and the four cardinal directions.