How do I join?

Attending sports events is free of charge, but each spectator should have promo-tickets.

The ticket is individual, intended for one person and for a specific event. Visiting several events with one ticket is strictly forbidden.

During the Winter Military Games, promo-tickets will be distributed by volunteers at the facilities:

Tickets for the sports events at Roza Khutor Ski Center (ski-mountaineering, alpine skiing) will be provided by the volunteers at the facilities.

Tickets for the sports events at Laura Biathlon & Ski Complex (ski orienteering, cross country skiing, biathlon) will be provided by the volunteers at the facilities.

Tickets for the sports events at Bolshoy Ice Dome (climbing) will be provided by the volunteers at the facilities.

Tickets for the sports events at Iceberg Skating Palace (short track) will be provided by the volunteers at the facilities.

The number of promo-tickets is limited for all events!

Half an hour before each event, guests can get free tickets from the volunteers at the entrance to a sports facility where the event takes place.

Volunteers will be wearing branded clothes with “volunteer” sign.

After the end of each competitive discipline, at the exit, the volunteers will be distributing promo-tickets for the subsequent days of the competition which will be held in different venues.

Please note that the promo-ticket does not qualify you for free transportation to the ski lifts to the sports venues.

It is safe?

Safety of the spectators, guests and participants at the III Winter World Military Games is paid particular attention to. Military units and police are patrolling all Games venues.

Ambulance and fire brigade are in the immediate vicinity of the Games facilities on a permanent basis for a rapid response in case of emergencies. Spectators can visit sports events of the III Winter Military World Games on the presentation of the invitation and promo-ticket only.

Spectators of the III Winter Military World Games shall:

  • Observe and maintain public order;
  • Avoid actions that may lead to emergency situations and creating danger to others;
  • Take care of the facilities and equipment of the Games venues;
  • Comply the legitimate requests of the law enforcement officers and other persons responsible for the maintenance of order and fire safety during the events of the Games;
  • Not leave minor children unsupervised;
  • On obtaining information about the evacuation, act according to the instructions of police officers (facility administration) or persons responsible for ensuring law and order, remain calm and not cause panic;
  • Behave respectfully towards other participants, support staff ensuring delivery of the Games, officials responsible for maintaining public order and security during the Games;
  • Show the representatives of the sports facilities administration, the Organizing Committee of the Games, as well as law enforcement officers documents that give the right to attend the Games events;
  • Take large and prohibited items to the temporary storage, as well as take private or service weapons to a storage specially reserved for this purpose after showing the permit to the law enforcement officials.

Spectators shall not:

  • Come to the sports facilities and places of mass events of the Games intoxicated, bring and drink alcohol;
  • Bring weapon, flammable, explosive, poisonous, pyrotechnics, piercing and cutting items, suitcases, briefcases, large packages and bags, glassware to the sports facilities and places of mass events Games;
  • Throw items into the stands and the field;
  • Trade, write any information and put up ads, posters and other information without the permission of the administration of the sports facility or the Organizing Committee of the Games;
  • Shout or act in degrading way with respect to the participants of the Games;
  • Wear or display signs or other symbols aimed at inciting racial, social, ethnic conflict, insulting participants of the events of the Games;
  • Enter rooms under the stands, workout area, locker rooms, press centre and other service facilities.

Spectators of the III Winter Military World Games that do not observe the rules of conduct can be brought to responsibility in accordance with applicable Russian legislation.

Useful phone numbers

Call Center Sochi 2017: 8 (800) 302-07-70 (free) and +7 (862) 444-00-15

Emergency telephones:

Single emergency number for calls from mobile phones: 112

Police: landline telephones – 02, mobile telephones – 020

Fire protection, rescue service: landline telephones – 01, mobile telephones – 010, landline telephones – tel. 03, 254-48-54; mobile telephones – 103, 030, 112, 911

When calling an ambulance, persons with impaired hearing and speech shall send text message at: +7 (918) 902-00-73

Roza Khutor rescue service telephone: +7 (862) 24-08-911