The Leopard is the Mascot for the Olympics

The leopard became the mascot of the 3rd Winter Military World Games.

A leopard is a rare animal that lives in the Russian Federation. The leopard is one of the smallest subspecies of the cat family and the only one who learned to live and hunt in the snow.

A leopard was chosen as the mascot of the Games due to the fact that the endurance of this animal and his fighting spirit characterize the spirit of war games. The leopard symbolizes the swiftness of the attack and the speed of decision-making, as well as power and strength. The image of a leopard is present on the symbols of armies of some countries. In the heraldic traditions, a leopard is a symbol of bravery and courage — the qualities traditionally characterizing soldiers.

Work to restore the leopard population is going on in the vicinity of the city of Sochi. The Leopard Reintroduction (recovery) Program in the Caucasus was developed by WWF Russia and the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2005. In 2007, the program was approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation and from 2009, it is supported personally by President Vladimir Putin.

In 2010 at Sochi National Park, near the Akhtsu gorge, the Center for the Breeding and Rehabilitation of the Persian Leopard was established.

The Central Army Sports Club (CSKA) contributes to the preservation of the population of leopards in Russia. CSKA takes care of a leopard named Armeets in the Amur region, tracking its movements using GPS.

Friends and associates of the Leopard during the Games will be the Hare, and the Little Fox. Full-size animal puppets will take part in the opening and closing ceremonies and will entertain the audience at the event. Winners and awardees of the 3rd Winter Military World Games in Sochi will get animal figurines as gifts during the award ceremony.

Brand style of the Games

Brand style of the 3rd CISM World Winter Games in Sochi is a combination of three symbols: flag of Russian Federation, mountains symbolizing high results and leadership, and also ice patterns on the glass standing for Winter Games. The major element of the style is a star, symbol of high aspiration and ideals. Brand colors also have special meaning. Red stands for sport passion and will to win. Blue is a color of infinite opportunities and devotion to reach the goal. Together these two colors mean the unity of ice and fire reflecting the essence of bright competitions of the Games.


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