Drug Testing

Drug testing is required for all kinds of sports represented in the program of the Games. All aspects related to the organization of anti-doping tests are described in the Rules of CISM, chapter 9, and in the latter Regulations of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Estimated number of tests, which will be held during the Games in 2017:

  • Biathlon – 4,
  • Cross-country skiing – 4,
  • Slalom – 4,
  • Giant slalom – 4,
  • Ski orienteering – 4,
  • Sport climbing – 4,
  • Short-track – 4,
  • Ski mountaineering – 4,
  • Patrol race – 4,

Total 36

The Anti-Doping Committee is appointed for each sport. Such committee consists of:

  • a CISM representative who is its chairman;
  • sports committee member of CISM, which acts as a technical adviser to the representative of CISM;
  • the representative of the Games appointed by the Head of the Organizing Committee of the Games.

All procedures related to the drug tests and the use of samples must strictly comply with the International Standards of the WADA drug tests. CISM developed a similar document entitled ‘List of anti-doping rules’, which takes into account the special aspects of CISM.

The Organizing Committee of the Games covers all costs related to drug control. Samples must be submitted to the WADA accredited laboratory and the results provided before the Games closing.

Clearidium A/S Company from Denmark having a special accreditation by WADA will carry out the procedure of drug testing.


Medical support

The purpose of medical support for the 3rd Winter Military World Games is to provide high-quality medical care to athletes, members of official delegations, judges, representatives of the media, and the audience.

Providing emergency medical assistance is free of charge, provision of specialized medical care is carried out:

  • for Russian citizens—by the CHI (Compulsory Health Insurance);
  • for foreign citizens—at the expense of health insurance;
  • for the Russian military—as part of the agreement with the Ministry of Defense.

Medical support during the Games is in the form of:

  • primary health care;
  • specialized including high-tech medical care;
  • first aid including emergency specialized medical care with medical evacuation.

All medical services of the Games operate in accordance with European quality standards. Medical support of the Games will be provided by both military and civilian doctors.

Medical Stations in the Places of Residence of the Participants and Guests of the Games

During the Games in the places of residence of the athletes and members of sports delegations, 24/7 ambulance crews on reanimation cars for the provision of first aid will be organized.


Medical Care at Competition Venues

Medical assistance to persons participating in the Games is carried out at: sports facility at the place of calling the first aid team, in the vehicle during a medical evacuation, outpatient and inpatient.

The primary health care to the persons participating in the Games carried out both at sports and non-sports facilities, and at health care organizations.

At the sports facilities, medical care is provided by mobile medical teams at the competition site by the medical staff in health centers for athletes and at health posts for spectators by the forces and means of sports facilities and medical institutions of Ministry of Health of Russia.

Mobile medical teams (doctors and nurses) are formed to provide medical assistance to every training and playing field of the Games.


Medical Institutions

The medical evacuation of the wounded and sick from the sports facilities and places of residence of the coastal cluster will be carried out in accordance with the traffic situation:

Polyclinic Branch of the Military Hospital No. 419 (with infirmary for 20 beds), Vesyoloye village;

Municipal Health Care Institution City Hospital No. 4,

Sochi, Dagomy’sskaya st., 42, Tel. +7 (862) 261-42-30 (round the clock).

Types of medical assistance: traumatology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, surgery, internal medicine, endocrinology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, cardiology (incl AMI), maxillofacial surgery, vascular surgery, rheumatology, neurology (incl Acute Cerebrovascular Event), toxicology.

Regional Hospital No. 4, Budgetary Public Health Facility, Sochi

Sochi, Kirov street, 50, tel. +7 (918) 2082055, +7 (862) 240-10-37 (round the clock)

Types of medical assistance: traumatology, orthopedics, surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, infectious diseases (children).

Infectious Hospital No. 2, Budgetary Public Health Facility,

Sochi, Microdistrict of Dagomys, Baranovskoye Highway, 11, Tel. +7 (862) 250-70-31 (round the clock)

Types of medical assistance: infectious diseases


The medical evacuation of the wounded and sick people from the sports facilities and places of residence of the mountain cluster will be carried out in accordance with the traffic situation:

City Hospital No. 8, Municipal Health Care Institution,

Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, Turchinsky street, 24, Tel. +7 (862) 243-73-78 (round the clock)

Types of medical assistance: traumatology, orthopedics, surgery, internal medicine–hospital; therapy, pediatrics, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, dentistry, and gynecology–clinic.

GTZ PJSC Gazprom Medical Center

Sochi, Estosadok village, Achipsinskaya str., 6, Tel. first and emergency aid +7 (862) 259-59-03 (round the clock)

Types of medical assistance: traumatology, orthopedics, surgery, therapy–day patient department; therapy, dentistry, gynecology– polyclinic; first medical aid.


Drug Provision

Medical care is carried out using medicines registered in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The use of drugs in first aid, life-threatening conditions is at no charge.

Drugs are dispensed in pharmacies by prescription (with a prescription) for payment.

The List of Pharmacies in the Mountain Cluster

Rosa Dolina, Kamenka st., 1.    Hours: 10:00–21:00

Krasnaya Polyana, Zapovednaya st., 18.      Hours: 08:00–19:00


Urgent phone numbers

Ambulance call:

from a fixed-line phone — 03 or 254–48–54;

from a cell phone—103, 030, 112, 911.

When calling an ambulance by persons with impaired hearing and speech, an SMS message must be sent to + 7-918-902-00-73

Rescue service number of Rosa Khutor +7 (862) 24 08 911

When calling an ambulance it is necessary to inform the operator that the call is made to the Winter Military World Games participant.