Sochi – Krasnaya Polyana

The men’s individual ski race on a distance of 15 kilometers has been finished in Laura Biathlon & Ski Complex. Russian athlete Alexey Chervotkin has won the race with the result 34 minutes and 41 seconds. The second and third places took athletes from France: Damien Tarantola with the result a 34 minutes 52 seconds, and Paul Graber with the result 35 minutes 8 seconds. Also Artyom Maltsev is in the top ten with the result 35 minutes 48 seconds.

“I am very happy to win, especially if we are speaking about home competitions. As I had the last starting number, all the leaders were ahead of me. I just wanted to catch up with Denis Spitsyn as fast as possible. Competitors were very persistent and strong. I knew the track not so good, but it didn’t cause any problem. Moreover, I wasn’t tired and I overcame all the way with pleasure. Today many athletes took part, but I’d like to mention Giorgio Di Centa from Italy. He is 44 and he is still on the ski-track. He is a great man. He surprises me. Speaking about Russian athletes, they didn’t perform as I expected. But there is a forthcoming sprint race, and I’m sure that Nikolay Morilov will do his best. All in all, we all performed well.” – said Alexey Chervotkin after finishing.

The skiers ran three circles on the Olympic track, which length is 5 kilometers. This is the most difficult track among the three ski tracks of the 3rd CISM World Winter Games. A total height of the ascents of the route is 187 meters, and the lengths of the longest ascents is 30 meters. In the morning weather conditions were quite difficult. It was raining in Laura Biathlon & Ski Complex.


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The 3rd CISM World Winter Games will be held in Sochi (RUS) on February 22-28, 2017.

The sports program of the 3rd CISM World Winter Games 2017 consists of 7 sports: Ski Mountaineering, Sport Climbing, Cross Country Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Short Track Speed Skating, Ski Orienteering.

The opening ceremony will be held on the 24th of February, 2017 on the basis of the multifunctional venue “Ice cube”.

The Winter Military World Games are a multi-sports event organized for military athletes once every four years (one year prior to holding the Winter OLYMPIC Games). Since 1995 they are held in summer too.

During this time, 6 Summer and 2 World Winter Games were held – in 2010 in Aosta (Italy) and in 2013 in Annecy (France). The decision to hold the 3rd Winter Military World Games in Russia was made on May 22, 2015, in Kuwait, at the 70th General Assembly of the International Military Sports Council (CISM).

Nowadays, the International Military Sports Council (CISM) is the largest sports organization after the International Olympic Committee and the International University Sports Federation. Its main aim is to unite the armed forces of different countries in the field of sport and physical education.

Laura Biathlon & Ski Complex was built on the Psekhako ridge in 2011 at around 1500 m above sea level. This is one of the largest and professional sports venues in the world. The biathlon and ski racing tracks were designed according to the requirements of the International Ski Federation (FIS) and the International Biathlon Union (IBU).