Russia, Sochi. The Award Ceremonies of the winners and prize-winners of the first days of the competitions were held on February 25, 2017 in the framework of the 3rd CISM World Winter Games.

The Award Ceremony of champions and prize-winners of the Games in ski-mountaineering (individual race for men and women), cross-country skiing (10 km race for women and 15 km for men), biathlon (7.5 km sprint – for women, 10 km mixed relay – for men), Alpine skiing (slalom for men) and ski orienteering (middle distance for men and women) was held at the Rosa area of “Rosa Khutor” Alpine-skiing Resort.

Among the winners were champion of the Game in skiing at the distance of 15 km Senior Sergeant Alexey Chervotkin, biathlete warrant officer Maxim Tsvetkov, who won gold in the sprint race at 10 km; Junior Sergeants Tatyana Akimova and Ulyana Kaysheva, who received silver and bronze medals in the biathlon race at the 7.5 km; bronze relay team of Russia in biathlon (mixed relay); major Eduard Khrennikov and warrant officer Maria Kechkina, who became the first in ski-orienteering, as well as the warrant officer Tatiana Oborina, and warrant officer Stepan Malinovskiy, who won silver and bronze in the same discipline.

The winners of the competitions in short track at a distance of 500 and 1,000 m, among which the Russian athletes warrant officer Eugeniya Zaharova and soldier Denis Ayrapetyan, who took 3rd place at a distance of 500 m, received their awards at the «Iceberg» Ice Palace, the best alpinists – in the “Bolshoy” Ice Palace.

Medals of the 3rd CISM World Winter Games have a traditional round shape with a diameter of 80 mm and a thickness of about 9 mm. The weight of the medal is about 333 g. The medals made of copper-zinc and copper-nickel alloy by coining on the press equipment using a specially prepared tool and workpiece.

The emblem of the Games – leopard, entered into a five-pointed star, the inscription in English III CISM WORLD WINER GAMES SOCHI 2017, is depicted on the obverse of the medal (the obverse), the emblem of the World Military Sports Council surrounded by images of athletes representing the sports in which participants of the Games compete, is depicted on the reverse side (the reverse).

Unofficial Medal Table after two days of competitions

It has been played 23 sets of medals

Country              Gold                 Silver                 Bronze              Total

Russia                  8                       3                        5                       16

Italy                     5                       4                        4                       13

France                  3                       5                        2                       10

Austria                 3                       2                        0                       5

China                   1                       3                        3                       7

Slovenia               1                       1                        1                       3

Germany              1                       1                        0                       2

Korea                   1                       0                        0                       1

Bulgaria               0                       2                        2                       4

Spain                   0                       0                        2                       2

Finland                0                       0                        1                       1

Iran                     0                       0                        1                       1