February 27, Sochi. Colonel Abdulhakim Al Shino, the President of the International Military Sports Council, visited the Main Press Center of the 3rd CISM World Winter Games in Sochi, located in the Iceberg Winter Sports Palace.

“I want to thank you for your around-the-clock work, for the interesting and bright materials from the sports grounds, and for the opportunity to tell the world about this sports festival,” said Al Shino, addressing the journalists of leading Russian and foreign media present at the press center.

The CISM’s President paid attention to the huge media screens of over 20 square meters where journalists watched live broadcast events from all sports venues of the Games, as well as paid attention to the hardware unit facilities where video from all broadcasting cameras was being collected and processed.

Al Shino noted that the functionality and level of equipment of the press center in Sochi were equal to the press centers of competitions held at the international level.

“I ask you to always point out that the main motto of the CISM is ‘Friendship through Sport’.” As many people around the world as possible need to know that the military of various countries can make friends and communicate on sports grounds,” said Al Shino, addressing journalists.

The 3rd CISM World Winter Games in Sochi, which take place from February 22 to February 28, are covered by more than 600 representatives of leading mass media from Russia, France, UK, USA, Finland, Lebanon, China, CIS, and other countries.