Russia, Sochi. A football match between SOCHI 2017 team and the National World Team was held in front of the multifunctional Ice Cube Curling Center in Sochi onFebruary 25, 2017. The President of CISM Abdul Hakeem Al-Shino, Secretary General of CISM Mamby Koita, heads of delegations and other officials of CISM played for the World Team.

The match consisted of two periods of 30 minutes each. The national team SOCHI 2017 has won by a score of 4 to 2. The match was held in a warm, friendly atmosphere and it proved reaffirmed the motto of the CISM again “Friendship through sport”.

Colonel, the head of physical training and sports of the RF Armed forces of the Russian Federation Oleg Botsman, two-time Olympic champion in diving, the Ambassador of the 3rd CISM World Winter Games Dmitry Sautin, two-time bronze Olympic champion in sports gymnastics Anton Glazunov,  a member of the State Duma Committee on physical culture, sports and tourism, President of the Curling Federation of RF Dmitriy Svishev,  the Director of the Department of physical culture and sports of the Sochi administration Sergey Pilosyan, also professional footballers, trainers played for theSOCHI 2017 team .

The President of CISM Abdul Hakeem Al-Shino, Secretary General of CISM Mamby Koita, CISM Media and communication director David Vandenplas, heads of delegations; from Belarus – Anatoly Kanevsky, from Kazakhstan – Maksut Zhumayev, from Macedonia – Borko Simoski, CISM results & statistics and parasport Manager CISM Guilherme Keese, CISM Board of Directors members Jon Kirknes and Walter Janderplayedfor the National World team.

One of the participants of the match, the Ambassador of the Games Dmitry Sautin believes that holding such matches will help to strengthen friendship and peace all around the world. According to his opinion, his mission as the ambassador of the 3rd World Winter Games is to make sport more popular. The famous Russian diver took part in the opening ceremony as the flag holder, visitedLaura Biathlon & Ski Complex, and gave an interview to the local and federal TV channels within the last three days of his being in Sochi,.

According to CSKA chief Mikhail Baryshev, sporting events like the football match of the 3rd CISM World Winter Games should be full of events like this. “It unites, allows to communicate in informal atmosphere and strengthen friendship through sport,” said Mikhail Baryshev.

Also a friendly tug of war, the awarding ceremony of medals and memorable gifts took placeafter the match. Olympic champion in triple jumping Tatyana Lebedeva also took part in the awarding ceremony.