February 26, 2017– Sochi – KrasnayaPolyana–The final phase of cross-country ski competition for women took place at Laura Ski & Biathlon Complex. The Russian team consisting of Warrant Officer Natalya Ilyina and Lieutenant Natalya Korosteleva, won gold medal with the result of 22 minutes 11 seconds. The second place was taken by the Swiss team of Private Alina Meier and Private FabianaWiesner, with the result of 22 minutes 23 seconds. The third place was taken by the Italians – Private FranceskaBaudin and athlete Chiara de Zolt Ponte– with the result of 22 minutes 33 seconds. Thus the Russian women athletes could make up for the individual race of February 24th when the team of Russia didn’t win a single medal.

“It was very difficult to compete as we had very short breaks between the runs and had to recuperate very quickly and then run again our best. The route was complicated because the quality of the snow differed greatly at different parts of the track,” says the Swiss athlete FabianaWiesner. “I think that the idea to build friendship through sport is really great, we learn other athletes, and also here in Sochi the stadiums are really impressive, it is very pleasant to stay here”.

The Russian team at this competition was represented by two women teams. In addition to the gold medal won by Ilyina and Korosteleva, the fifth place in the total ranking was taken by Private Anna Zolotareva and Warrant Officer Lidia Durkina.




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General information:


The 3rd CISM World Winter Games will be held in Sochi (RUS) on February 22-28, 2017.

The sports program of the 3rd CISM World Winter Games 2017 consists of 7 sports: Ski Mountaineering, Sport Climbing, Cross Country Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Short Track Speed Skating, Ski Orienteering. The games with 44 sets of awards are up for grabs.

The opening ceremony is on the 24th of February, 2017in the multifunctional venue “Ice cube”.

The Winter Military World Games are a multi-sports event organized for military athletes once every four years (one year prior to holding the Winter OLYMPIC Games). Since 1995 they are held in summer too.

During this time, 6 Summer and 2 World Winter Games were held – in 2010 in Aosta (Italy) and in 2013 in Annecy (France). The decision to hold the 3rd Winter Military World Games in Russia was made on May 22, 2015, in Kuwait, at the 70th General Assembly of the International Military Sports Council (CISM).

Nowadays, the International Military Sports Council (CISM) is the largest sports organization after the International Olympic Committee and the International University Sports Federation. Its main aim is to unite the armed forces of different countries in the field of sport and physical education.