February 26. Russian athletes Julia Belorukova and Natalia Matveeva won the silver medal in team sprint in the World Cup ski races in Lahti (Finland), and then Julia Belorukova phoned to congratulate the other members of the CSKA – Natalya Korostelyova and Natalia Ilyina –  on the victory in the 3rd World Winter Games in Sochi.

Junior Sergeant Julia Belorukova was training for participation in the 3rd World Winter Games in Sochi, but at the last moment the coaching staff of the CSKA has decided to delegate Julia Belorukova to the World Cup.

“We made a joint decision, – said the referee of the Armed Forces in cross-country skiing, Major Nikolay Pankratov to the press center of the 3rd World Winter Games 2017.” – It proceeded from the fact that Julia Belorukova specializes in “classic” races, but in the 3rd World Winter Games skiers had to perform in “free”.”

After the race in Lahti the silver medalist Julia Belorukova phoned her clubmates in Sochi and congratulated them on the victory in team sprint (free running) – Lieutenant Natalya Korostelyova and Ensign Natalia Ilyina.

” Julia Belorukova wished all the members of the Russian Military team to win the team gold in the 3rd World Winter Game,” said Nikolay Pankratov.