– How was the route for you today?

– I have saved energy for this particular event, it’s a favorite of mine. I was saving energy, and everything apparently worked fine for me. I ended up making a few mistakes in qualifications. But then I managed to catch up. I did enjoy all the remaining routes and got a lot of positive emotions from climbing.

– Anything you found surprising today?

– You know, I was overwhelmed by the fans. There were many of them and they gave me such an energy boost. So many people came to support us today! I’ve never had such overwhelming support from spectators. I enjoyed not only the climbing part but also the atmosphere of support and joy. That was really great.

– You’re a world champion, and yet only a junior sergeant in rank. How is that even possible?

– The thing is, I’ve only been in the army since July. My degree is in architecture, so for now, higher ranks are not on the horizon.

– But this is going to change soon, isn’t it?

– I’ll keep working, and we’ll see. I really hope so.

– There were some reports that you plan to set a new world record this year. Is that true?

– I’m going to try, no doubt about that. But I can’t make any promises.

– And what is the value of this medal in your personal victory score?

– You know, we trained and prepared for these Games for a long time. And I’m not only talking about the two months of training prior to the Games, I also mean everything we did even before that. I believe that you work towards every medal you get every single day of your life.