February 24

  • Ski Mountaineering


    Individual Race (Women/Men)
    Rosa Khutor Alpine Skiing Centre

February 27

  • Ski Mountaineering


    Team Race (Women/Men)
    Rosa Khutor Alpine Skiing Centre

Sport Venue

Rosa Khutor Alpine Skiing Centre

Venue for: Alpine skiing, Ski Mountaineering

Capacity: 7,500.

Location: Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana

The Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort is located at Krasnaya Polyana, 40 km from Adler, at the foot of the Main Caucasian ridge. From Adler International Airport visitors can get to the resort via the adjoining road-rail in 30 minutes. Train “Lastochka” runs from Sochi.

The territory of the Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort covers approximately 1,820 hectares of northern, north-eastern and southern slopes of the Aibga ridge, rising from the river Mzymta with a mark of 575 meters above sea level up to the top of the ridge near the top of Kamenniy Stolb to mark 2,509 meters above sea level.


Ski-mountaineering is a sport and active recreation, which combines skiing and mountain climbing, involves the running of a route in the mountains with the ski climbing and / or on foot with skis and downhill skiing without trace (freeride).

Necessary equipment for ski mountaineering: skis equipped with binding which provides, unlike Alpine skis, release of the heel during the climbing the mountain on skis; camus—a special lining on the sliding surface of skis so that a ski does not slip when climbing; shoes, which can be put on ropes; special equipment—a helmet, an avalanche probe, an avalanche shovel, an avalanche probe.

The 30 strongest athletes from eight countries will take part in ski mountaineering at the Games in Sochi: Germany, Spain, Italy, Lebanon, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Russia.

Each team in this sport will consist of four members—two men and two women. Competitions will be held in individual and team races. Military athletes will start at an altitude of 1600 meters and will rise to the top of Rose Peak at a height of 2320 meters. It is the top point of the Aibga Ridge. The finish will be located at the same point as the start of the competition. In an individual race athletes will make four ascents and descents in a row, and five in the team race.